Combine your need for a home cinema with your day to day living space

Audio Visual

For all the audiophiles out there you have come to the right place. From cooking your evening meal to sitting down watching your favorite movie. We offer dedicated to design and installation services to produce top-quality audio. With multi-room audio, we can have multiple streams at once, or link each room to the same song to really get the party started. Architectural garden speakers can also give you a nice summer vibe without even knowing you have them installed.

Video Distribution

TVs have never looked so good! We can tailor your tv positions with bespoke tv mounts and paneling to create the ultimate media room. Only have one skybox? With HDMI distribution we can make watching Sky on all TV’s possible. With a control 4 remote and processor, you can literally have one control to rule them all. From the press of a button, you can literally have your tv, 4k player and your home cinema all come on with one button press.