Lighting & Shades

We can work alongside architects and interior designers to create beautiful lighting designs within your home. 

Lighting and Shades

Imagine at the touch of the button all the lights dim down to the desired level, but simultaneously the blinds/curtains close, with smart control you can set up desired “scenes” that control your lighting and blinds to give a perfect atmosphere. A lighting keypad replaces large banks or dimmers/ switches and creates a subtle keypad on a wall with engravings for the desired scenes. 

Combining smart lighting with a Control 4 automation system could also mean at the push of a button eg a movie scene, Netflix comes on with the telly as your lights turn off and blinds close. This scene is what home automation is all about! Making your life simple. 

Climate control can be integrated into any smart home too! With use products such as “Nest” or “Heatmiser” that be linked in with a control 4 smart home, you can create an event such as heat up house half hour before you return home, but at the same time if you are to leave the house and heating is on, occupancy automation will ensure the heating will turn itself off until you return, not only is it smart, but it will also save you money on your energy bills.